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Minutes of the Society Executive Meeting Thursday 22 November 2001

Chair: Gabriela Marcionetti

Attending: Gabriela Marcionetti, Christian Kent, Mendel Monteiro, Michael Miller, Nicholas FitzRoy-Dale, Anand Kumria, Elden McDonald, johnt at cybertech.net.au

Apologies: Murray Grant

  • Meeting commenced at 19:05.
  • TFM
    • Nicholas needs to RTFM :-)
    • Email section will have three parts: Email General, Pine, Mutt
    • "What is ProgSoc" section
    • Find all the bits in /home/projects/tfm/tfm01
    • section on newsgroups, and Google's facilities
    • ftp section, possibly already done?
    • BOFH section
    • Leave Miranda and Haskell sections out of book, just have in online version
    • Dress section!!! quite popular
    • HTML section
    • Changes to Buildings chapter re new building 10
    • Section on "what to do / what not to do" as a first-year
    • Brief Flamewar History section (to avoid in future)
    • Web culture section
    • DUE: 10 DECEMBER (8 December for Nicholas)
  • The Move
    • All executive members should attend, plus any members that want to, eg members with their machines in the room
    • Movers hired by the faculty will be coming to move all gear from old room to new room
    • We should aim to be offline for as long as the Faculty of IT is down (during O-week?) - we will have to be, while they are, anyway
  • O-Day
    • Elden is nominated Chief Organising Officer (COO)
    • Go see Heidi at Union activities desk to organise
    • Gabby gave an account of the story "Heidi" at this point in proceedings, at the request of those attending
  • CD burner
    • Mendel offered to research IDE CD-Rs to buy
    • Also to check whether one can fit in Sutekh, and is compatible with its OS
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