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Minutes of the Society Executive Meeting Wednesday 27 February 2002

Chair: Gabriela Marcionetti

Attending: Gabriela Marcionetti, Mendel Monteiro, Melody Ng, Murray Grant

Apologies: Christian Kent

  • Meeting commenced at 19:03.
  • Orientation
    • ProgSOC got 37 registrations at Orientation Day.
  • AGM
    • Set date for the AGM - TUESDAY 26th March 2002
    • Place: meet outside ProgSOC room in Building 4
    • Registrations for memberships will be taken from 17:45, as you have to pay for the coming year to attend the AGM
    • Members are free to make nominations for executive positions.
    • Members should email issues they want to address to psexec@progsoc
  • Groups/ Clubs
    • The policy with dealing with groups/ club accounts to be put up on the website as a FAQ.
  • TFM
    • TFM is going no where!
  • CD Burial
    • ProgSOC buried a cd for these people in the Netherlands at Bondi Beach. A page will be created on the ProgSOC site for it.
    • Treasury needs to be done ASAP so members can inspect before AGM.
  • CD burner
    • Mendel offered to research IDE CD-Rs to buy - update: will consider after we have moved.
  • Constitutional changes - proposal
    • Discussion of changes to constitution to deal with multiple year memberships.
    • Clauses 1, 2, 3 to remain the same.
    • 4.3.1 - cross out 'annual'
    • Add clause saying that term of membership should be 1 - 10 years. (Propose to be clause 4.5).
    • Discussion of how to get life membership. Suggestion of getting 7 signatures of fellow ProgSOC members.
    • Money collected for multi-year memberships - whether ProgSOC holds the money in trust or the money belongs to ProgSOC once paid. Was decided that the money will be held in trust, and if the member wishes to terminate his membership, they will be returned the amount remaining. Should ProgSOC dissolve, money will be returned upon request by the member.
    • This shall be discussed at the AGM.
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