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Minutes of the Society Executive Meeting Monday 8th April 2002

Chair: Christian Kent

Attending: Christian Kent, Gabriela Marcionetti, Anand Kumria, Callina Greenslade, Penny Wyatt.

Apologies: Elden McDonald

Issue Item Action Deadline
0 Meeting commenced at 19:03. n/an/a
1 Constitution Amendments

Need to call SGM to carry amendments(mimimum 7 members for constitution change), to be called after appropriate discussion on progsoc@progsoc.

Requirements so far:

  • Spelling corrections to be made.
  • Removal of references to cheque book (replace with eftpos card/nothing).
  • Add provisions for multi year memberships

Proposed changes to to be posted to progsoc@progsoc.uts.edu.au

Secretary to collect responses form list regarding the changes and email progsoc@progsoc with a weekly summary.

2 Re-Affiliation with UTS Union

Gabriela to get Keycard from Mendel and give both the keycards to Christian. ProgSoc is required to Provide list of members;

  • Activities for the coming year: Programmers Competition (Entry into both ACM comp and local comp)
  • Room move
  • TFM - TFM Meeting to be called
  • Pub Crawl
  • Financial Requirements: Talk to bank about re-directing mail
  • Find past year's Statments (Suspected Location - Strawberry Hills Post Box)
  • Talk to SBG/FIT about mail collection/Box

Callina To Hand in Filled out Executive contacts list to Union

All ExecApril 9th
3 Purchases

Anand to buy:

  • 1 8-port Switch ( 2nd to be bought at a latter date depending on need)
  • approx 6 Network Cards at $30 each
  • 1 40GB Disk at $170
  • network Cable (decided to use FITEquipment)

Christian to buy:

  • Junction Box
  • Fuse

Decided there was no need for CD Burner. Member Net May need bigger switch, decision waiting until after Anand's post.

Anand to post to Progsoc@progsoc & web to tell people about Member Net.

Gabriela to buy:

  • Frames for Progsoc Brick Certificate(3 frames)
  • Stapler
  • Hole punch
  • 2 Lever Arch Folders
  • White Board Markers

Gabriela to enquire about putting up the whiteboard.

Gabriela to request large notice board for posters outside progsoc room, enquire about disposal of unwanted hardware from FIT(Gerard), and enquire into have Jubilex moved from building 4.

All ExecMay
4 Website

SETI at home Team is inactive.

Penny to make webpage/email progsoc@progsoc

Anand to give exec www privileges/organise www group.

Penny, Anandasap
5 Groups/Clubs

Find all people who have registed groups. Replace Group Accounts with Single "owner" and create shared(group) space.

AnandEnd of May
6 Admin/SUDO'er catalogue on web Christiann/a
7 Majordomo

Andi (Halliday) has requested a move towards webbase list manager. Eg yahoogroups.

Anand to migrate to mailman

8 Publicity Officer

Penny Nominated for this un-offficial role, Seconded and Accepted

9 Guidelines

O-Day Guidelines - Gabriela to write up, update union Pamphlet (with username field)

Proxy/Nomination Guidelines - Recomended Procedures, Anand to Draft.

Gabriela, Anand n/a
10 Miscellaneous

Treasury Webpage Certificate Expired - Anand to look at

Keys - Exec to get keys

Rego Forms

"Dr. Love"'s Honorary Membership requested to continue for the currrent year. Anand to draft criteria for life/honorary Memberships.

Anand to post to progsoc-announce Regarding Account Expiry/Locking/Deletion dates

Accounts form 1999 and 2000 to be Deleted (Backup copy kept)

Anand to look for last years alternate emails in SQL DB to inform 2001 members who have their accounts locked.


"The Society" and "ProgSoc" refers to the UTS Programmers' Society

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