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Minutes of the Society Executive Meeting Monday 3rd September 2002

Chair: Christian Kent

Attending: Christian Kent, Gabriela Marcionetti, Anand Kumria, Callina Greenslade, Telford Tendys, Elden McDonald, Colin.

Issue Item Action Deadline
0 Meeting commenced at 18:30. n/an/a
1 Review of Previous Minutes

Requirements so far:

  • Gabby has reaffiliated ProgSoc
  • Telford now in charge of constitution changes
  • Issue of Junction and Fuse Deferred
  • Cally to ask CompSoc if they want to swap white boards.
  • Admin/SUDO'er catalogue on web

Minutes Accepted

2 Drafting of Groups/Clubs Policy

Telford to draft Policy Document


"The Society" and "ProgSoc" refers to the UTS Programmers' Society

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