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Minutes of the Society Executive Meeting Friday 30 May 2003

Chair: Matthew Beauregard

Attending: Gabriela Marcionetti, Nicholas FitzRoy-Dale, Matthew Beauregard, Catie Flick, Christian Kent, Elden McDonald.

Apologies: None

Issue Item Action Deadline
0 The meeting commenced at 19:03. n/an/a

The executive feels that Slug are getting something for nothing from ProgSoc. Matthew moved that the current Memorandum of Understanding between the two societies should be reviewed annually, possibly at the AGM. Christian seconded the motion.

PIG (Python Interest Group)- ProgSoc provides bandwidth, Matthew provides a room (for meetings at UTS). However, ProgSoc receives no recognition from PIG. ProgSoc would like some official recognition, the benefits including that PIG activities can also be an activity for ProgSoc members. Matthew moved that ProgSoc should request recognition on the PIG website, as well as joint ownership of PIG (with SLUG). Christian seconded.

ProgSoc would also like more recognition on the SLUG website.

Matthew will discuss the matters with SLUG/PIG15/07/03
2 Credit Cards

Christian moved that the society get a merchant account to be able to accept credit card payments. Seconded by Matthew. After discussion, the executive agreed to absorb the extra costs associated with credit card payments, and will review this in a year. Also to be review: whether the credit cards are worthwhile.

Christian to arrangeasap
3 Discussion of Projects

MPG Project - 1 card to be purchased by CK, unamed intel box to be used for a proof of concept. The need for a tehcnical/feasibility discussion was identified.

Coke Machine Project - involves hardware hacking, and it would be difficult to get a vending machine. Deferred.

Freenode project - freenode would like us to be a mirror for them. Lack of general knowledge about freenode. Nicholas to find out about Freenode and report back to exec.

as notedongoing
4 Purchases

Fridge - briefly discussed, but no outcome decided upon. Deferred.

Padlock - to be purchased

CK to purchase padlockasap
5 Membernet

General Policy regarding membernet was informally discussed. Usage of membernet is at the discretion of the executive, and the requesting member should provide a suitable reason for wishing to put a machine on the membernet. CSO should have sudo access on all machines, so they can be gracefully powered down when necessary. A membernet mailing list may be created. Furthermore, there is to me no more than one machine per paying member, and all software must be licenced. Machines should be 1RU where possible.

Individual requests were then considered.

Michael Miller requested to have 2 boxes on membernet, or at least 1 box, with 2 IP addresses. Exec will allow one machine, if Michael can provide a good justification for it.

SLUG have also requested that they have 2 more machines on the membernet. As they already have 1 machine on the membernet, their request will be denied unless they have a really compelling reason.

6 Activities and Events

An installfest or codefest were briefly discussed, actions deferred until a suitable project is found and undertaken.

7 Registrations

Formal registration period to end 06/06/03, with possible account locking from 13/06/03

Nicholasno set deadline

Jenny Edwards had previously indicated to exec that she was willing to assist with the printing, and will be approached regarding the printing when we are ready to print.

Potential covers were examined and discussed. It was agreed that further potential covers would be created and reviewed until an appropriate one could be found.

9 Committee Positions

Webmaster - Catie Flick appointed head of web admins.

Publicity Officer - no one appointed. The exec will be responsible for publicity.

10 Machine Administration

A lengthy discussion regarding the states and usages of various machines ensued.

Nicholas moved that machines be designated either stable or experimental. Seconded by Matthew. The moving of all vital services onto trogdor was discussed.

Discussion regarding the president having sudo access was deferred

At the CSO's discretion Ongoing
11 Room Usage

The usage of the ProgSoc room was discussed briefly. Care should be taken by exec members to ensure that the room is secure at all times, and non-exec members should not be left in the room by themselves to help ensure this. The fact that a ProgSoc security breach generally implies a compromise of CompSoc security was noted.

12 The meeting closed at 21:08. n/an/a

"The Society" and "ProgSoc" refers to the UTS Programmers' Society

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