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Minutes of the Society Executive Meeting Thursday 10 July 2003

Chair: Matthew Beauregard

Attending: Gabriela Marcionetti, Nicholas FitzRoy-Dale, Matthew Beauregard, Catie Flick, Elden McDonald.

Apologies: Christian Kent

Issue Item Action Deadline
0 The meeting commenced at 18:25. n/an/a
1 Acceptance of Previous Meetings Minutes

The minutes were accepted with a few minor corrections.

Gabriela to make minor corrections Next Meeting
2 Business Arriving from Previous Meetings Minutes

Regarding machines on membernet - Nicholas received a call from Anand this afternoon, he had two PA RISC machines to put on membernet. These machines turned out to be the same machines that Jeff Waugh wanted to use for a build environment. The executive decided in the previous meeting that we would not accept these machines onto membernet. Jeff was not happy about this decision as the machines were for a community project for Gnome Tinderboc. Nicholas objected to the manner in which the situation was dealt with - ie, trying another method to get the machines onto membernet and stated that he did not want to put any new machines on membernet at present. PA Risk machines have nothing to do with SLUG, as was previously assumed by the executive. A final decision will be made when the executive knows more about the situation.

Slug hope to move their build environment to ProgSoc

Matthew to talk to SLUG/PIG as per meeting 30/05, Elden to find out about the benefits that SLUG can offer ProgSoc. Next Meeting
3 Communication amongst exec members

Nicholas concerned that Matthew and Elden don't participate in discussions on the exec list, and note that it was frustrating and time-consuming to chase up responses from people who did not reply to exec mail.

All members agreed to reply promptly to mail as required. ongoing
4 Promoting/Distributing TFM

New tfm arrived from the printers yesterday. Should be promoted on the website, where the table of contents and a few sample chapters would be available. Price - $5 with membership. Non-members wanting TFM should be strongly encouraged to join. If selling through the ProgSoc room is unsuccessful, the exec will investigate selling TFM through the Union (for existing members only).

Promotional posters to be made by Nicholas. asap
5 Membership List

List of members needs to be organised and maintained.

Catie to access the old members database and look into migrating the information into the new one, also to update new database with new member details.report on progress next meeting
6 Mailing Lists

Gabriela felt wwwadmin list had little rationale for existance - esec will review after new website is implemented and updated regularly. Mailing list archives show email addresses.

Nicholas to look into hiding email addresses. next meeting
7 Public Meetings

Several public meetings should be held over the course of the coming semester. Goal is to have a designated speaker to speak at each meeting. 1st meeting about projects that members would like ProgSoc to do. 2nd meeting possibly about Encryption and Security.

Nicholas and Matthew to arrange meetings aim to have a public meeting by 24/07
8 Website

Discussion of website prototype submitted by Andi. Catie's prototype chosen instead.

Elden to inform Andi of exec decision. asap
9 Projects

Library project - Matthew to oversee, with the hope that Bryn Davies will take over. The first books were received today from Robert Howard. It is assumed that Bryn will properly flesh out the lending rules, but essentially: Lending is for 2 weeks, renewals must be made in person, reserving is allowed. Books that are not returned may result in account locking and forfeited membership. Damaged books must be replaced.

Bzfalg server - installed today. Nicholas to talk to itd about having a port opened to allow people to connect from outside ProgSoc.

Hugs - installed today.

As noted. asap
10 Hosting Request - Alister Air

Alister has requested virtual hosting, an IP address and two email forwards. Executive decided he may have virtual hosting and 2 email forwards for a trial period of 6 months, no IP address.

General policy for hosting - to be decided on a case by case basis, with the recommendation of "no" unless they are an active member of ProgSoc. Custom mailing lists will not be allowed. PHP and PHP-Nuke at the dicretion of the CSO, with the knowledge that the CSO is not happy with PHP-Nuke for security reasons.

At the CSO's discretion Ongoing
11 The meeting closed at 20:08. n/an/a
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