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Minutes of the ProgSoc Meeting Friday 13th February 1998

Chair: Roland Turner

Attending: Roland Turner, Anand Kumria, Peter Lees, Carolyn Choy, Peter Meric, Chris Mewett, Anton Blanchard, Shaun Clowes, Matthew Keenan, Brett Morgan, Eric Bicknell, Matt Estala, Bart Bunting, Steven Boyd Gowing

Apologies: Rob Lowe, Piers Johnson, Michael Miller

  • Meeting commenced at 6:05pm
  • Dicussion of TFM and new membership. Moved A.Kumria seconded R.Turner:
    • That new members must buy TFM with membership
    • Motion was carried.
  • Discussion of Orientation Day - Wednesday 25th February 1998. The UTS Union has organised a table for ProgSoc - A.Kumria to find out where it is located.
    • R.Turner will investigate getting WaveLAN set up to allow 'net access from the stall.
    • Volunteers are sought to staff the stall during O'Day - currently A.Kumria, C.Choy, R.Turner and M.Keenan have volunteered.
  • R.Turner advised that the UTS Union wanted to discuss insurance with the Society, but was talking about fixed assets. When ProgSoc explained we would be more interested in liability insurance, the Union response was, effectively, "no".
  • R.Turner gave introduction to CORBA and his Java implentation - JORBA.
  • Meeting closed 7:30pm. Next meeting will be Wednesday, 25th March 1998.
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