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Minutes of Programmers' Society Meeting, 8th May 1998

Chair: Anton Blanchard

Present: Matthew Beauregard, Belma Yucelgen, Richard Cheong, Chris Mewett, Glenn Williamson, Shaun Clowes, Victor Rajewski, Geoff Saxby, Julian Gamble, Christian Kent, Brett Morgan, Clare Duggin, Augustine Widjaja, Daniel Cafe, Stephen Gowing, Francis Liu, Carolyn Choy, Anton Blanchard, Rob Lowe, Simon Hirshbein, Peter Meric, Rod Delbusto, Richard Vagg and Anand Kumria.

Apologies: Chris Wood, Michael Miller, Dale Buck and Eliseo d'Annunzio

Minutes taken by Carolyn Choy in Michael Miller's absence

Meeting commenced at: 5:40pm

  • Meeting is not technically an OGM (brought to our attention by Raz) - it's just a general meeting
  • the mug competition has closed and design of the mugs to be decided by the 15th May '98 (either one or two designs may be produced)
  • Quake night to be planned for the holidays (action: Carolyn)
  • a society only affiliated with the Students' Association and not the UTS union has requested a web page and aliases. There is the possibility that the Students' Association gives their affiliated societies web space etc to do this, but needs further looking in to and possibly discuss it with Chris Wood (action: Anton)
  • discussion on how to take new registrations and arrange for the member to receive their password if they want an account. Ideas ranged from using the UTS Union again, one-time passwords or taking them every month or two months on a particular day. Most likely to be taken after ProgSoc meetings which are held monthly.
  • discussed the proposal from and their request to host their web site and lists from ProgSoc. This would encourage more to what ProgSoc is about, but won't be possible if ITD starts charging. This also means more people would need to get involved with administration.

Meeting closed at: 6:00pm to hear Anton and Anand talk about ProgSoc - administration/projects, network and machines.

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