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Minutes of ProgSoc meeting, 3rd March 2005

(these are just like formal minutes, except with the most boring bits removed.)

Discussion and resolutions

Remove services from Trogdor and Baalzebub:

  • Unnecessary since the only services are secondaries.

Restrict user access to service machines (Incubus Succubus Orgo Medusa):

  • Not technically feasible at the moment to restrict non-admin users from these machines. For now, add motd notice and short idle limits on server machines to educate users and discourage non-essential use.

Medusa stability and redundancy:

  • Look into setting up a second PC for redundant hardware
  • Look into obtaining a cisco router (3 ethernet) for same job

Machine physical arrangement in the room:

  • Membernet moved to top of the refrigerator until a proper half-height 19" rack can be obtained
  • Servers into the dead space at the corner of the two desks, freeing up usable desk space for more laptop/workstation/project use

Room access:

  • Get a locking cupboard from Compsoc, so internal door can stay more open.
  • Internal door between Clubs and Societies room and Progsoc room to remain open for the time being, but outer door to be locked except when Compsoc or Progsoc exec member is present. (This probably triples member access to the room since Compsoc types are often about.)

Power/network bays for laptops:

  • Bryn Loftus has volunteered to make and install these

Member education programme: - which machines do which tasks - which machines are good for logging into - which machines are poor for logging into - forwarding progsoc mail elsewhere - exec page - call for projects


Website updates:


  • Dan Hreszczuk has volunteered to evaluate and install a webmail program
  • Myles Byrne is owner of Eidolon and will be giving updates
  • Christian Kent is owner of Viking and will be giving updates
  • Myles Byrne has volunteered to evaluate and install a wiki for Progsoc documentation and project information purposes
  • Elden McDonald has volunteered to enhance the member creation utility and member database
  • We are taking suggestions for programming projects and other noteworthy projects

Technical wishlist:

  • Subversion and tomcat for user accounts
  • Automatic mysql database creation for users
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