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"Minutes" of ProgSoc Meeting, 13th April 2006

The following minutes are not "minutes" per se (at least not of a formal meeting). They are more of an account of an informal meeting that took place. As a few noteworthy decisions regarding the club were made, however, they are worthy of inclusion amongst the collection of minutes of formal meetings.

Take it away, CK...


We got a few things happening tonight.

- AGM minutes ... Nathan please supply Ros ASAP (we need them for bank account signover)

- Photos ... whoever has them from AGM, please supply

- We got $600 from CompSoc they owed us (another $200 to go)

- Cisco donation plans ... for details, ask Rob & DCom (we need Nathan to make a decision this weekend)

- ProgSoc Phone ... at around 10pm tonight, a VOIP phone turned up in our room!!!

We had a great time trying to set it up. Well, it took forever while nothing happened ... blocked ports here and there, SIP servers to setup, and somebody to provide a trial account ... !

Anyway just before midnight, we were giving up when Butters and Rob went home, but our first-year rep and room bitch both kept trying, with one in the CompSoc room trying to use a software-VOIP phone while the other waited patiently in the ProgSoc room to receive a call ... which seemed to never come ...

Alexander Graham Bell only had to overcome the laws of physics. These guys had to overcome firewalls. Bell would have just chucked it in if he had to work out the proxy logins and what "$OUTBOUND" to use.

But then suddenly, it worked. The guy with phone number "1" dialled the other guy ... "2". And it rang! So now we're going to try to set this thing up, and you can call us on the batphone in future, while watching us on the webcam. Cool, huh?

We'll even prank the Law Students Society. They're not the only ones with a phone now.

- Finally, on the Apple stuff:

We had a setback this week when it turned out most Apple dealers will no longer be able to sell education pricing after next week. This sucks because:

(a) we want them to sell us third-party LCD screens on one quote (b) they also sell & install warranty RAM for cheaper than Apple

So now it seems we have to go with the online store, and expensive(r) RAM, and buy the LCDs from MSY (which just got =way= better in the last two weeks, BTW -- see below).

This is slightly messier because it means making a two capital grants applications, not one. The UTS Union gives us a 50% subsidy but it must be in the form of a cheque for the full price, to the seller.

So we seem to have come to this decision ...

	(Initial donation $2383.70)
	3 x Mac Mini Intel Core Duo
	1.66GHz with extra 512MB total 1GB RAM

	3 x 19" Proview FV926
	widescreen 1440x900 8ms DVI

	3 x keyboards from Logitech $40ea
	Total 			$5153.70
	after Union subsidy	$2576.85
	minus what we got free -$2383.70
	what we chip in, cash	$ 193.15
	Apple's ROI:	64.6% above initial investment

(the extra 512MB RAM is $139 ea, double MSY's prices ... if we go to a reseller to get 3rd party RAM, it'd be somewhere in between, eg $95 ... split the difference again, because we are getting 50% subsidies ... we will just go with the overprice Apple RAM, and keep the warranty, then)

- Viking roof visit was postponed due to construction workers.

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