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The ProgSoc mailing lists are an important part of the society. New members should be automatically subscribed to progsoc-announce, but there is also the main progsoc list.

Be warned: everything and anything posted on the mailing list will remain on the Internet forever. All posts will be publicly available and indexed by Google. The posts will further be mirrored by other sites, meaning that even if it was possible to remove the original post, the mirrors will take the original post's place in the Google index.


ProgSoc mailing list

To subscribe to the main progsoc list visit here

If you wish to post, make sure to check out the mailing list conventions.

List archives

1. Anyone can view archives of the progsoc list email here. To see old archives prior to the 2008 transfer here

2. List members only can view archives of the progsoc-membersonly list email here. You can get a password reminder sent to you by clicking the edit options button at the bottom of the list page.

ProgSoc Announce mailing list

If you haven't been subscribed to progsoc-announce, you can do so by sending a message containing "subscribe" in the body to

List archives

You can view archives of the progsoc-announce list email here.

To see archives prior to the 2008 transfer here.


To unsubscribe from any of these lists (and we recommend you stay in touch at least with progsoc-announce!), visit the URLs below.

To Unsubscribe from Progsoc List.

To Unsubscribe from Progsoc-Announce List.

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