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ProgSoc is a vibrant, active society with ongoing activities. News items that are current can be found in this area (often with announcements and updates to the Website), as can the minutes of meetings going back several years.

The ProgSoc mailing lists are vast and entertaining, with the usual technical discussion that is occasionally peppered with discussions about philosophy and current affairs.

Latest News


UTS Programming Competition




Lots of stuff the previous Executives couldn't be bothered writing about.

6 June 2006

Site has been fully wikified.

Late March 2006

AGM Election Results for 2006

Sometime in 2005

Jeff K. was awarded ProgSoc member of the Year at the 2005 UTS Union Clubs and Societies Dinner


3 April 2004

Progsoc is going to be entering the ACM Programming Competition, with entry paid for by UTS. Read the official announcement then get your registrations in!

12 September 2003

There are updates to the Projects page and a new talk to add to the hopefully regularly updated talks page! These talks are given at our fortnightly meetings, if you think you have something interesting to talk about, please email the progsoc exec.

25 March 2002

(Gabriela) The Annual General Meeting for 2002 is tomorrow, 6 pm, in room 10.2.230.

27 March 2000

(Christian) The Annual General Meeting for 2000 is today, 18:00 GMT+10, UTS Building 4, Level 1, room "1/126". Business is expected to take one hour. A valid registration for 2000 is required to attend.

4 May 1999

(Steve) Yesterday we received a new toy to play with from Sun - a Sparc 670. It's now running Red Hat Linux 6.0, feel free to have a play with it (jubilex).

12 April 1999

(Steve) Membership renewals are now due, see for details and registration times.

29 March 1999

(Steve) The new executive for 1999 are listed here.

9 March 1999

(Anton) The 1999 ProgSoc AGM has been announced. For details look here

9 January 1999

(Anton) ProgSoc now has a roaming access server. This allows you to keep the same preferences, bookmarks, cookies etc on any Netscape 4.5 browser. Its nice when everything is the same whether you are at home, work or uni.

For information on setting it up, refer to the Netscape help. Your username and password are the same as your ProgSoc account and your profile is on an HTTP server with the base URL:{username}

26 December 1998

(Anton) SMB access has been opened up. If you can telnet in to ftoomsh, you can mount your home directory. In windows NT, connect to


In windows 95 you will need to add a line to lmhosts ftoomsh #pre

and use ftoomsh as the hostname. In unix, use

smbclient '\\\homes'

to use an ftp like interface or

smbmount // /mnt

to mount your ProgSoc directory on /mnt. For more details see the SMB HOWTO

26 December 1998

Having problems connecting to ftoomsh? You should be able to use ssh from anywhere. Have a look on for ttssh (windows), ssh (unix) and Linux/* (precompiled debian, redhat and sparc linux)

26 December 1998

(Anton) Just a reminder that our http server now does PHP3. We also have mysql running so you can create your own databases.

24 December 1998

(Anton) Ftoomsh is labouring with only one CPU until we track down another SMP bug.

3 December 1998

(Anton) IMAP and POP access is less restrictive now.

1 December 1998

(Anton) POSIX locking problem found. Should work now.

1 December 1998

(Anton) POSIX locking on ftoomsh locks to be broken. Procmail and mail clients may behave a bit weird until the culprit is found.

30 November 1998

(Anton) Ftoomsh has been upgraded. Things should calm down soon. For the moment read your email on ftoomsh.

11 November 1998

(Shaun) Please be aware the SSH daemons on ftoomsh, geryon and orgo have been upgraded. As part of this, the host keys have changed, please update your clients.

21 October 1998

(Anton) You can now access your email via the web. Check out or for the secure version use

14 September 1998

RMS will be making his way out to UTS to give a talk on Thursday 17/9/98 at 4:00pm in room 2/422. For directions, look here

2 September 1998

The ProgSoc mugs have arrived. We have scheduled some times for purchase of this imposing black mug. We will also be selling TFM and accounts at these times. Note: we will be taking cash - you will not have to deposit the money in the ProgSoc account. Find out more here.

20 August 1998

(Anton) Anyone with a ludicrously large mailbox risks having their account locked. Everyone with more than 5MB of mail take note.

16 July 1998

There will be a ProgSoc OGM before the ProgSoc Quake Competition. The main item on the agenda will be the appointment of a new Treasurer. Details can be found here.

5 July 1998

Be sure to keep Friday 31 July free for the ProgSoc Quake Competition. Details can be found here.

2 June 1998

The next ProgSoc meeting is fast approaching. (Note: New members will be able to join at this meeting)

Date: Friday 12 June 1998
Time: 6:00pm
Room: 2.4.29 (Engineering building) 

22 May 1998

You can now access through the WWW, check out:

21 May 1998

No further renewals are being taken at the union desk, to renew or register to become a new member you should use the registration page at:

7 May 1998

For all your temperature needs, check out the ProgSoc temperature page at:

2 May 1998

Thanks to Andrew Wilson, ProgSoc has a new configurable finger daemon. Take a moment to learn the capabilities at:

2 May 1998

Remember the next ProgSoc OGM and presentation is Friday 8 May 1998. For details see:

19 Apr 1998

For details on the Progsoc Mug Competition check out:

26 Mar 1998

'98 ProgSoc New Membership is being taken through:

If the Union Desk (blg 1 lvl3) doesn't have your renewal form, then this URL is also for you.

24 Mar 1998

The new executive for 1998 can be examined at

9 Mar 1998

nominations for 1998 executive positions can be examined at

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