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Prog2 Is the name of the new progsoc network, being designed and implemented in 2014.

Network Map

Subnet (core), (membernet)
Physical Architecture Cisco-Router -> Servers/user-machine-switch
Logical Architecture IP**: Core system range
IP**: User machine range
IP**: Experimental range
IP 138.25.7.***: User machine range 2

For more detail see IP Map Apple (HP Server) Web/Email Server Banana (Dell Server) User Server 1 Cherry (To be acquired)File Server Date (Raspberry Pi) Authentication/access control server

Web/Email Server Design

The web server will provide web, email, mailing list, wiki, and DNS services to members. SSH login for administrators only.

* lighttpd - web daemon
* mySQL - database engine
* php/mediawiki - CGI engine
* bind9 - DNS daemon
* postfix - email daemon
* mailman - mailing list daemon
* sshd - ssh logins by administrators
* acsd - administration of user accounts.
* nfsclient - mounting of NFS volume.

Admins should be part of the sudo group, so we set sshd to only allow logins to the sudo group.

User Server Design

This server will provide a linux shell for users. Users may login via ssh and run programs, access their files, and generally use our services.

* sshd - configured to allow all logins
* acsd - administration of user accounts
* nfsclient - mounting an NFS volume

File Server Design

This server is responsible for serving files to the web server, user server, and to client machines on the network. Server will be configured in RAID 0 to maximise data read speed and redundancy.

TODO: Figure out how to detect drive failures.

* nfsd - Responsible for serving files on the network.
* ?rpcd? - implements file locking.
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