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ProgSoc's administrators often get asked the same, or very similar questions. Here are some of them (with answers!) so that you can help yourself...

Q: Where is the ProgSoc room? I can't find it!

A: That's because ProgSoc doesn't have a room of its own anymore!

From 2002 until 2015, ProgSoc had its own room in Building 10, namely CB10.03.380A. Entry was via the former CompSoc/current BiG room at CB10.03.380. It is now a rec-room for Higher Degree Research students in the Faculty of Health.

After years without a permanent home, ProgSoc will finally base itself within the Faculty Learning Precinct (CB11.05.300), sharing space and collaborating with other awesome technically-minded student societies at UTS!

Q: Can I set up a website for my club?

A: Following a decision by the 2001 Executive, what is necessary is that an individual set up his/her own account and then add their webpage to it.

Then, upon request to the Executive, a special directory will be created and aliased to the club name, so that something like can be made to work.

Plus, if you register your own domain and find a willing secondary DNS, we can attach that to it too.

The price and method of registering is the same as for any user, and you are responsible for your own password.

Q: Can I advertise jobs on the ProgSoc mailing list?

A: This is not primarily a jobs mailing list, but often some members would want like-minded people to join their team. Most members don't mind the occasional job ad, but as long as it's not a continual process. For more information on acceptable usage of the mailing list you can contact the Executive.

Important things to take into consideration are:

Be specific and detailed about the job description. This doesn't require a long message but it does require that you state exactly what you are offering, what the duties are, what the most likely pay would be, what you expect from the applicants, how long you want them for, how many people you need and where they will be working.

Don't send something like "there are lots of jobs on our web page, so come and have a look".

Don't post the same job again and again.

In general, give any employer contact details. If there is a really good reason not to provide employer contact details then that will be acceptable, but only if the rest of the content is of high quality.

To finish off, think about it from ProgSoc's point of view. We don't want to have a lot of junk dumped on us so if something is more benefit than harm then we will keep it, otherwise it will get filtered out.

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