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The aim of this page is to keep the ProgSoc community up to date with our progress in regards to securing a room in the new Broadway Building. The Broadway Building will be housing the Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology from 2014. This page will be a working document and I will be updating it continuously.

The goal is to secure a suitable room for our requirements in the Broadway Building.

The person who has volunteered to overlook this project is Livia - the Treasurer for the 2012 year. She is currently studying a BBus/BScIT (4th year).


  • Spoke to WiE&IT (Women in Eng & IT). Asked them how their space got allocated. Have got good contacts now - there is hope.
  • Organised a meeting with Lothar Weber who appears to be the Manager of Technical Services and Assets for FEIT.
  • Spoke to Lothar (04/04/2012) - we are on his whiteboard! I.e. we are not forgotten. As this stage, NONE of the teaching spaces have been allocated - this will be happening in December 2012 when everyone in the faculty e.g. all the Heads of Schools and different support units will need to meet with Lothar so that allocations can be made. This is when Progsoc will next meet with Lothar.
  • Possible room allocations: Lothar believes we will most likely be allocated a glass meeting room on the busy level 5 (around 16m square). It is not clear whether the room can be locked up - however, this would be relatively easy to add on later. There is also the possibility they could partition off part of an area marked for an LDC and give some space to us. This would also be on level 5. Also available are rooms on all the levels marked for academic offices (it would be quite similar to what we have now actually). The other alternative is to takeover an informal lounge on level 2. Lothar stressed that Progsoc WILL have a room. What we need to worry about is which room would best suit our purposes.
  • Lothar's whiteboard appears to show we will also be getting some server space in the basement.
  • New furniture is to be provided in the new building. This would most likely comprise of tables, chairs, bookshelves and a whiteboard. This needs to be further discussed in 2013. However, important thing to note: new furniture has been accounted for in the budget!

What's Happening Now?

  • Exec needs to talk!

To Be Done

  • Discussions with the exec regarding our future room requirements.
  • Need to work out who owns what furniture in the current room.


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