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The registration system constists of socket based Python server running on Orgo, which you connect to using the client script (also Python).

If the server is not currently running on Orgo, it needs to be started. It's a good idea to do this within a screen session so that you can access the server output, rather than just making it a background process:

username@orgo $ screen username@orgo $ python /local/regd/registration/ username@orgo $ CTRL-a d

To be able to register users you'll need to have a password to connect to the server. Email the Progsoc administrators and get them to create a password for you. If you don't already have the client script, ask for that too. After this is done, place the password you were given in ~/.regdpasswd

To connect to the server, it's simply a matter of running the client script:

username@orgo $ python

Type 'test' to check if you have connectivity to the server. You should get output like this:

Registration$ test

Testing connection.

PONG Command succeeded.

If not, contact the Progsoc administrators with as much information as possible.

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