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Progsoc Meeting Minutes - 26th October, 2006

Meeting held in: Room 10.3.380, Building 10 The University of Technology, Sydney 235 Jones St, Ultimo, Sydney.

In attendance:

 1. Margaret Colville
 2. Robert Howard
 3. Nathan de Vries
 4. Ros Hodgekiss
 5. Christian Kent
 6. Matthew Beauregard
 7. James Kirsop
 8. Myles Byrne
 9. Chris Laughton
10. Nora Farghaly
11. Thomas Given-Wilson
12. Justin Steward
13. Elizabeth Webb
14. Shayne Baptist

Minutes taken by: Margaret Colville

Meeting start: 2049



AGM: Last Thursday in March next year (29th?)

Project n: [Mentioned again later in greater detail]

Advantage Cards: Members who have ACs give funding from Union, members who don't will not.


TFM: Source to be obtained, (from Elden?, Nicholas?). Copyright issues: who owns the rights, whoever has it, or the society? - "It's ours" Nick may have it - will look for it. Potential content: "Trim it, update it, fatten it up again." ProgSoc Administrator's Guide, LDAP, General Networking Concepts, "How to use stuff, how to contribute to ProgSoc projects" - CVS, Ruby,

Interest: Ros, Nathan, Myles - Ruby, Justin?, Nora?, Chris, Margaret?, Rob, James, Matthew Membership administration script - Nathan's project (Ruby)

Re-confirm Exec:

President: Nathan de Vries

Vice President: Chris Laughton

Secretary: Margaret Colville

Treasurer: Thomas Given-Wilson

CSO: Robert Howard

PFY: James Kirsop

First Year Rep: Justin Steward

Alumini Rep: Christian Kent


Bin: Who empty it?

Meeting close: 2116

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