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Progsoc Meeting Minutes - 10th May, 2007


01. Margaret Colville
02. Chris Laughton
03. James Kirsop
04. James Hosking
05. Jedd Rashbrooke
06. Justin Steward
07. Rob Howard
08. Shayne Baptist
09. Thomas Given Wilson
10. Nora Farghaly
11. Fernando Pena
12. Brian Lim
13. Christian Kent
14. Matthew Beauregard

James Kirsop has been nominated, seconded, and has accepted.

Matthew considers it, but has decided not to take it.

Rob has been nominated and seconded, declined.

Nora has been nominated and seconded, rejected.

James has been appointed, unopposed.

Rob wants to continue being a keyholder. Agreed.

Meeting closed 7:36PM.

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