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Special General Meeting - 17th May, 2019

Meeting date: Friday 17th of May, 2019

Meeting location: UTS CB11.05.101

Meeting start time: 18:30


1. Members join the room, mingle and get setted
2. President speech about the year so far
3. Treasurer update
4. Voting for new president


Financial members with full voting rights (26):

Sebastian Southern, Sebastian Guillema, Xiangsheng Zeng, Sebastian Vaughan, Tom Bozic, Sophie Barton, Yu En Kim, Luke Chalkley, Rach Coster, Ben Kelly, Patrick Miziewicz, Rosalie Prom, John Collins, ***, Albert Ferguson, Hayden Crain, Christian Kent, Brenton Smith, Jason Ko, Jai Ghorpade, Larry Zektser, Catriona Calantzis, Mustafa Barodawala, ***, William Lazaris, Mehmet Ata Bal

Non financial attendees (4):

Alex Waite, Ian Szklinski, Andrew Suters, Cassandra Phoon

Total Club Members:​ 223
Total Attending SGM:​ 30
Quorum met:​ Yes

Reports from the Executive Committee

President's Report

  • 300+ members have joined ProgSoc in Discord
  • 200+ members have joined ProgSoc
  • Strong start with ANZAC training
  • 30th Anniversary was successful getting old members to reunite and with 75-80 people attending.
  • Hackathon was successful with 60+ competitors as well as mentors, sponsors, partnerships for the event and society.

Treasurer's Report

Bank account at start: ​ $7,995.30
Bank account now: $4254.60
Bank account at end: $8798.60
Petty Cash: $0
All money In: $5540.94
All money Outgoing: $996.94

Pending income:

FEIT Funding - $2235
Deloitte - $1500
EngSoc - $315.94
Activate-Production-Hackathon - $490
Digizoo - $1000

Pending outcome:

Tee-shirts - $750
Reimbursements - $246.94

We have made profit (Once income and outcome expenses have been resolved) since the beginning of the year thanks to our sponsor contributions.

Voting of New Executive Committee

Rosalie Prom​ formally resigned as President during the meeting, following the email sent out and accepted by the rest of the Executive team on 9th of May. This was accepted. Ben Kelly​ formally resigned as Computer Systems Officer during the meeting in order to run for President. This was accepted.


NOMINEE:​ Ben Kelly

  • Nominated by:​ Ben Kelly
  • Seconded by:​ Sebastian Southern and Sebastian Vaughan
  • Accepted:​ Yes

NOMINEE:​ ​ Rosalie Prom

  • Nominated by​ : Alex Waite
  • Seconded by:​ Not Seconded
  • Accepted:​ No

NOMINEE:​ Alex Waite

  • Nominated by: ​ Rosalie Prom
  • Seconded by: ​ Patrick Miziewicz
  • Accepted:​ No

NOMINEE: ​ Catriona Calantzis

  • Nominated by: ​ Rosalie Prom
  • Seconded by: ​ Alex Waite
  • Accepted: ​ No

Ben Kelly’s speech:

Hell of a stress for entire exec team, and not something wanted to happen in this way. Incredibly proud to work for the society. Back in the first AGM, was nominated however rejected the position due to feeling like he didn’t know enough about the society at the time. Have since found how amazing the society is and wants to support its progress and accomplishments for the future.

Motion to elect​ Ben Kelly​ ​as President

  • For​: 28
  • Against: ​0
  • Abstain:​ 1

Motion Passed.

Computer Systems Officer (CSO)

NOMINEE:​ ​ Sebastian Vaughan

  • Nominated by:​ ​ Ben Kelly
  • Seconded by:​ ​ Patrick Miziewicz and Rosalie Prom
  • Accepted:​ Yes

Sebastian Vaughan’s Speech:

Vote Fraser Anning this weekend (Jokingly)

Motion to elect Sebastian Vaughan​ as CSO

  • For​ : 28
  • Against: ​ 0
  • Abstain:​ 1

Motion Passed.


President: ​ Ben Kelly
Vice President:​ Patrick Miziewicz
Secretary: ​ Sebastian Southern
Treasurer: ​ Ryan Lawton
Computer System’s Officer:​ Sebastian Vaughan

Bank Signatories

Programmers’ Society recognises that Elizabeth Morgan-Brett as CEO of ActivateUTS is the overarching sole signatory, and that the Clubs Manager, Cameron Kenney, is a joint signatory in addition to those current UTS Student / Staff elected representatives listed below for the bank account.

ACCOUNT NAME: Society Cheque Acct
BSB: 062-392

President: Benjamin Charles Kelly
Treasurer: Ryan Alexander Lawton

Meeting end time:​ 18:46

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