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This page provides a preview of the plentiful ProgSoc-produced printed publications (and Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers!)

There are also links to online versions of (some of) the publications at the bottom of the page.



TFM is a longstanding ProgSoc tradition. It is a compendium of the most useful things that any new person to the Unix world (and many less new people too!) should know. Chapters are contributed and have been heavily edited every few years.


TFM has returned. Rejoice!

AT LONG LAST, after TEN years since the previous edition was released, and four years in the making, TFM is back, totally revised, totally new!

If you only buy one print-based book this year, make it TFM 2013 -- the essential manual for every ProgSoc member!


What is it?

TFM, The Programmers' Society manual, is the definitive guide to all things computery at UTS. With something for everyone, it covers everything from reading email and using the Web to surviving Uni without dying of malnutrition. It's packed with everything you'll need to know about ProgSoc, UNIX, Linux, and the hundreds of arcane but incredibly useful applications that go along with it.

TFM has a long history. It started life in 1990 as a simple manual for getting around the (then-dominant) Sun systems at UTS. Since then it has undergone several rewrites and reprints. The current edition is the 2013 (or 7th) edition, which by today's standards is pretty out-of-date, because hey, you can read all this stuff online on your browser or e-book tablet and print media in general is obsolete, right? But maybe you're the kind of person that actually LIKES to hold something tangible in their hands and not stare at illuminated surfaces for hours on end, in which case this book is just for you!

It sounds absolutely fantastic, but I'm not 100% convinced it's for me.

You're wrong. It is!

How much is it?

$10 for ProgSoc members (cheap!).

$15 for non-members.

You can also view most past editions online (see below) and you can also view (and update, if you're a member) the latest, up-to-date, cutting-edge, work-in-progress edition of TFM on the wiki (see here).

How can I get a copy?

Your first opportunity to secure your copy will be during Clubs O-Day on Wednesday the 20th of February, 2013. We'll also be pushing TFM during our weekly meetings and other ProgSoc events throughout the year until sold out. Hurry -- copies are limited!

What exactly will be inside?

I'm not telling! You'll just have to buy a copy to see for yourself!

(or maybe you could look at the TFM wiki (and update it!) to get a pretty good idea)


Past Publications

This is, to the best of our knowledge, a comprehensive list of ProgSoc-produced printed publications (excluding newsletters, registration forms, the AUP and the Getting Started Guide). Naturally, the list shall be updated as more information comes to hand.

As you can see, not all of the publications have links to them. This is because ProgSoc is in possession of neither a printed nor online copy of those publications.

This is where we need your help!

If you happen to be (or know of someone) in possession of these 'missing' publications, we want you either lend or (preferably) donate the publication(s) to ProgSoc. Then we can digitise them and put them online, so that the current generation and posterity can find joy (and possibly some use) from these technological time capsules.

If you can help, please visit us during one of our weekly meetings or send an email to Tom, ProgSoc's self-appointed historian.


Sun User Guide 1990 (print and electronic)

Little Green Unix Guide 1989-90 (either missing, or planned-but-non-existent) (cv. [1]) (word of God, i.e. Raz, says it doesn't exist but even he's not sure...sbg says it was just a bunch of printed man pages on sale from the Co-op Shop...produced by the CSD (now ITD) *not* ProgSoc)

Sun User Guide 1991 (print and electronic)

TFM 1993 (printing I-II-III) (1st) (electronic only)

TFM 1994 (2nd) (print and electronic)

TFM 1995 (3rd) -- Volume I (print and electronic)

TFM 1995 (3rd) -- Volume II (missing)

TFM 1996 (4th) (print and electronic)

TFM 1997 (5th) (print and electronic)

TFM 2003/4 (6th) (print and electronic)

Guide to the UTS Buildings

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