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Where Now?

Christopher "Aubergine" Fraser and Nicholas FitzRoy-Dale


You have successfully survived Part I. It was all pretty simple, huh? What follows is a somewhat terse list of pointers to additional sources of information.

Manual Pages

This is your most immediate source of more information for UNIX commands. To access manual pages, use the command man program-name in a terminal window. The man command itself has a manual page (man man), and is worth browsing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Some questions are so frequently asked on the Usenet News Service and other online discussion groups that compendia of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) and their answers have been edited together by kind-hearted netizens.

The easiest way to access the Usenet FAQs is through the World Wide Web. To do this, use a Web browser to visit and have a look around.


The Usenet newsgroups themselves also carry a wealth of information, provided that you are capable of wading through the sea of spam email that Usenet has, to an extent, sadly become, making FAQ compilations even more valuable these days. As well as the FAQs, browsing a Usenet newsgroup is a great way to become enlightened. Given that there are thousands of different groups, the hardest problem is finding the most appropriate one. Google Groups' archive of Usenet ( is as good a place as any to start.

The World Wide Web

The most comprehensive -- and sometimes even the best -- source of information on any technical topic is undoubtedly the Web. Often a simple Google query will give you more and better information than any other method.

Make sure you check out the ProgSoc page, and

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