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2010 Monthly Talks

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Thursday 10th June: Programmable Logic Devices and Microcontrollers/Digital Systems Overview

Tom introduced the basic operations of these devices, with comprehensive diagrams of logic gates and demonstrations of a PIC microcontroller and Xilinx complex programmable logic device as part of the DSX D-Series prototyping kit created by the Engineering side of UTS:FEIT used in certain subjects taught at UTS such as Introductory/Advanced Digital Systems.

Thursday 6th May: Flash vs AJAX

Tina started a casual discussion about Flash and AJAX. While it is preferable to use both and Tina tried to be as neutral as possible, the discussion roughly ended with the conclusion that Flash still sucks. However, it won't matter which technology you choose if there are people using NoScript anyway.

Thursday 1st April: First year's learning in Software Development

Tina went through known problems in learning programming that most first year students in the past had been facing. A discussion was held towards the end to provide programming learning tips for first year students.

Open Source

Thursday 31st July, 2008

Andrew Boag of Catalyst IT gave a talk on the growing use of Open Source in the business world. [1]

Business Perspective

Thursday 13th March, 2008

Phillip Langely from the Australian Computer Society gave a presentation on "IT Business Strategy: The Role of IT in Business". [2]

Data Mining

Thursday 6th September, 2007

Marauder gave a talk on the basics of data mining. [3]

Software Cracking and Reverse Engineering

Thursday 11th September, 2003

Insider Bryn "Curious" Davies gave a tutorial and demonstration of reverse-engineering under Linux with freely-available tools.

Download his talk and [example files].

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