Talks/11th August 2011: The Lego Game

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Information Technology is all about building solutions to problems - but in a business-driven market, how can we be sure the solutions we build bring satisfaction to our customers as well as various stakeholders?

ThoughtWorks is a global company devoted to the art and science of custom software. On Thursday, August 11th, The UTS Programmers Society and ThoughtWorks invite you to a workshop to experience the challenge of designing a solution for your customer using one of ThoughtWorks' own unique methods used with their customers, the Lego game.

You'll be teamed up and competing for 'the best product design' using logic skills, creative talent and Lego! You, the Designers, get a set of requirements from the creative director/stakeholder(s). By engaging your stakeholder(s) to find out what is most important and most valuable, you have 2-3 rounds of feedback and Lego construction to deliver something that will hopefully make your stakeholder(s) happy! Are you up for the challenge?


Thursday, 11th August 2011
6:00pm start

Refreshments will be provided during the workshop.

CB10.02.250 (UTS Building 10, Level 2, Room 250)


Attendance & Participation is FREE however places are limited, so RSVP is essential - RSVP via email to

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