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ProgSoc runs regular talks on the first Thursday of each month. See below for a list of talks.

If you have a topic in mind, feel free to add your own.

For a list of finished talks, see here.


Time Name Topic(s)
1/04/2010 Tina Ng First Year's learning in Software Development
6/05/2010 Tina Ng Comparison between Flash-based and AJAX-based web applications
10/06/2010 Tom Bozic How microcontrollers and complex programmable logic devices can cure cancer and bring about world peace.
02/09/2010 Rob Howard Basic Web Security
TBA James Ducker Web Trend Following (WTF) 2.0 - WTF is AJAX, how do I jump on the bandwagon, and the role of AJAX in high-energy physics. (JavaScript, Some back-end language)
TBA Thomas Given-Wilson Code smarter not harder; how functional programming saves time, effort and cephalopods.
TBA (Later half of this year?) Justin Steward The Django Web Framework, and how it can make your work simpler
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