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Minutes of the Society OGM Thursday 30th May 1996

Chair: Dennis Clark

Minutes by: Eliseo C. d'Annunzio

Time Event
7:29 pmMeeting commences.
7:30 pmTreasurer's report:

Current Status:

  • Accounts opened at St George bank (UTS branch)
  • $8000 in the bank.
  • $3500 is owed to SOCS.
  • $1200 will be spent on 4GB SCSI disk for ftoomsh/orgo.
  • $1500 is expected to be paid to us from the Union (grant for members).

Some discussion on recouping costs for printing of TFM from Union.

7:36 pmExplanation by R. Turner of the Society's new (proposed) network architecture:
  • Orgo: As public access for the Society, FTP, WWW, anonymous global stuff, etc.
  • Ftoomsh and Yeenoghu: As the user machines w/ NFS mounted common local volume.
  • Baalzebub: To run DNS and NIS.
  • Additional machines to run miscellaneous programs which are accessible by Ftoomsh and Yeenoghu.
  • Kalpana: Our ethernet switch box, donated by Sun.
  • Scooby: Connection to SOCS-Net (Outside router).

Aim to alter structure circa August around the end of Examinations Autumn 1996.

7:59 pmDiscussion of what level of access should be available to who on the various machines. Some discussion of putting user-owned machines behind router on the Society's network, with no access allowed to Internet. Any machines with access to Internet must be administered by the Society (R. Turner)
8:04 pmBrief discussion about what all these computers should be used for. R. Turner suggests using Java for development of expandable virtual environments.
8:07 pmExpenditure discussion regarding Programming Competition, A. Wilson reports no one bothered to enter, but that competitions was postponed by UTS. Agreement that funds have been set aside if a team is interested in attending.
8:11 pmDiscussion of TFM Editor, and TFM '97. Administration code of ethics proposed, and proposed OGM to come. Further discussion on cost and funding for TFM - getting Union to contribute is again discussed.
8:15 pmMeeting adjourned for drinks/informal discussion.
8:27 pmMeeting resumed.
8:29 pmDiscussion of what sort of social events are appropriate for the Society. General agreement that guest speakers from various relevant industries would be "A Good Thing".
8:36 pmDiscussion of Law Markets access to ITD and whether the Society can help Faculty of Law get better response from ITD. It is pointed out that the Society doesn't want to upset ITD, and that the faculty of Law should be able to use other methods than a Union - affiliated society to get the appropriate amount of support.
8:47 pmThe meeting notes that the executive will endeavour to arrange a guest speaker to talk about a particular topic of interest very soon.
8:50 pmMeeting is closed.
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