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ProgSoc makes a number of resources available, including the server room. It is located in the ProgSoc Room, University of Technology, Sydney, Building 10, Third Floor, Room 380A, identified as CB10.03.380A (entry via the BiG room CB10.03.380)

Building 10 is located at 235 Jones St, which runs parallel to Harris St. See the map below for the new location. To get there from from the Tower lobby, leave the building via the south-west exit, turn right onto Jones St, cross to the other (west) side, and walk about 200 metres. From the entrance to the well-labelled Building 10, walk up the stairs to level 3, head to the back of the building, far-left corner.


Postal Address:

UTS Programmers' Society
c/- UTS Union Activities
PO Box 3210
Broadway NSW 2007

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