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You are here because you want to:

JOIN/REGISTER as a new member of ProgSoc
please [click here] to begin membership registration
RENEW your current membership
please [click here] to begin membership renewal
ProgSoc 101
Click here to learn the basics about using your ProgSoc account.

ProgSoc would like to remind you that we are NOT an ISP. We do not guarantee any network service at all. If you have problems relating to the ProgSoc network we will try and help you IF WE HAVE TIME, otherwise it is up to you to volunteer your own time to learn how to help administer ProgSoc.

The facilities are provided for active ProgSoc Members and do not come as a condition of membership.

All members must abide by the ProgSoc Acceptable Use Policy or suitable action will be taken by the ProgSoc Executive. All members are advised to read the AUP.

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