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Special General Meeting


  • Welcome
  • Election of new Treasurer, nominees being:
  • Keys to the room


Date: Thursday 12th September, 2013

Time: 6:30 pm

Location: CB10.03.380a

Chair: Livia Lam 2013, ProgSoc President

In attendance:

  1. Moe Rumman
  2. Livia Lam
  3. Clifford Leslie
  4. Cem Akkoc
  5. Tom D'Netto
  6. Jacob Dunk
  7. Justin Steward
  8. Xu Waycell
  9. Margaret Colville


  1. Tom Bozic
  2. Leefe Hicks

Meeting start: 6:31pm

Livia Opens.

New Treasurer
Tom Nominates Ben. Livia disallows as Ben is already an executive
Tom nominates Somaia. Somaia declines.
Reached quorum.
Moe elected unopposed
Moe: "I'm here" Promises to move accounts over to UTS accounts.

Tom to decide on and whether he needs a new pfy as Moe is now treasurer.

Conclude Moe already has keys, (as keyholder pfy).

Meeting Closed: 6:40pm

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