South Pacific Regional Contest 2013

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A textual and pictorial account of the day (21/09/2013) in roughly sequential order, as told by the UTS coach, me :)

Zero hour. 0900 AEST. Kilo time. First to arrive. Warm, sunny, cloudless day. Perfect day for a programming contest. Just one question: where exactly are we?
That's right. We're at the University of Sydney's IT building, home of the School of IT and the venue for today's contest (in Sydney). Let's go inside.
For those contestants who aren't quite sure that they arrived at the right place, yes, this is the South Pacific Regional round of the International Collegiate Programming Contest, under the auspices of the Association for Computing Machinery, sponsored by International Business Machines, better known as IBM.
What a whimsical logo.
ACM ICPC coaches, officials and YOU are also allowed in
For everyone else, there's a lovely pond with ducks in it across the street. Go feed the ducks.
They're gone now? Right, well the contest hasn't actually started yet, but we can have a little sneaky-peek of the set-up, so let's go in.
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