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This is TFM, ProgSoc's compendium for all things computery at UTS!

Feel free to browse TFM and -- if you are a ProgSoc member -- add to and/or edit TFM to make it better :)

Cover Page

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I The Basics

1 Apropos ProgSoc
2 Surviving at UTS
3 Dangers Of Information Technology
4 The Down and Dirty Do It Yourself Guide to UNIX (and UNIX-like Operating Systems)
5 Linux
6 Where Now?

II Tools and Applications

7 Electronic Mail
8 The mutt mail client
9 Alpine
10 Fun with Procmail
11 The Usenet News Service
12 FTP: the File Transfer Protocol
13 IRC
14 Getting to Know Your Shell
15 Vi—An Inert and Sadomasochistic Guide
16 File compression

III Programming

17 The C Chapter
18 Erotic Fantasy: /bin/sh Shell Scripts
19 Prospering With Haskell
20 Writing the Internets. HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other small insects. (more-or-less complete. I think James just wanted to draw diagrams showing block-level and inline elements or something. Don't *really* need them, but would be nice if we had them.)
21 The 5 or 60 Minute Guide to LaTeX
22 Recursion
23 Compiling UNIX Software
24 Version Control
25 Computer Science Language (INCOMPLETE)
26 Cryptography, the universal unlanguage
27 Protection of Computer Programs
28 Fun and Frivolity: The ProgSoc Activity Page!


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