The CD Burial

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On the 9th of February 2002, the Exec buried a CD for some uni students at De Leidsche Flesch in the Netherlands.

Our Treasurer, Mendel, posing with the CD on the Harbour Bridge.
Yet another...
Yet another, but with a difference: Mendel showing his affection for the CD.
A behind the scenes shot: Christian, the cameraman, about film the CD (being held by Gabriela).
A picture taken from Christian's perspective, right after the above.
... And now one taken from the other side of Christian.
The CD with the Opera house in the background (taken from the bridge).
And another one...
Another behind the scenes shot.
Mendel, doing something Australian (the ice-cream man gave him an American quarter instead of a 10c piece as change).
Christian, filming the above. (Whilst humming the tune to Greensleves).
Mendel, after the purchasing of the ice-cream was complete.
Christian, Mendel and Murray, having a drink (note Mendel's coaster). (The first shot of the person who took (almost) all these photos).
A close-up of Mendel's drink.
Mendel setting fire to his "coaster".
Another close-up.
Another fire shot.
The CD, hiding with some Australian matches.
Mendel admiring a random bike.
Gabriela holding the CD (if the camera was higher, you would be able to see the Harbour Bridge).
And another....
The burial team, outside the opera house.
And another...
Christian, Murray and Mendel, at the opera house, with the Bridge in the background.
The CD, on the Opera House Steps.
And another...
And another... (with Gabriela)
The CD, between the stairs of the Opera House.
The CD, rolling along the stairs of the Opera House.
Christian, filming the CD rolling along the stairs of the Opera House.
Murray, digging a hole at Bondi Beach, for the CD.
The CD, in its final resting place. (We attached a note, saying that if the CD was found, please do not return it to the Netherlands.).
Christian, filming the burial, and Murray, looking reflective about the imminent departure of the CD.
Christian, relieved that the CD was about to be buried forever.
Christian and Murray, showing their respects.
Another shot of the CD.
Christian and Murray, still showing their respects.
The burial site, after the burial was complete.
The final shot of the CD's final resting place.
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