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I'm just this guy, y'know?[1]

I once helped runstill run (who am I kidding?) ProgSoc for many years, a society that pre-dates the Hackerspace movement by about 20 years, yet until about 2015, resembled a hackerspace somewhat[2]. We had our own room in Building 10 with workbenches, computers, servers, old gear, books, couches, even a mini-fridge and a webcam. And we met every Thursday. It was awesome.

Unfortunately, when The Faculty moved to the shiny new Broadway Building next door, no space was allocated for us, so sadly the hackerspace-like aspects of our society died, and eventually the society itself became moribund.

But we're not dead.

Fortunately, thanks to a recent change in attitude by FEIT, it seems that before too long, we will enjoy a renaissance. You see, FEIT are actually interested in actively supporting and fostering a hackerspace-like culture on campus, whereas before we were kinda-sorta left to our own devices. They have now allocated space for our society, as well other technically-minded societies, so, y'know, if we all collaborate, who knows what amazing things we can accomplish? I am genuinely excited for our future.

To assist with the rebuild[3] of our society, I have been looking at, and will continue to look at, other hackerspaces (such as Robots and Dinosaurs right here in Sydney and Noisebridge in San Francisco) for inspiration, to see what we ought to be doing to build an active, awesome, technically-minded, creative community.

Contact me via ye olde electronick mayle at my user name

I also have a blog which I created all by myself. Sometimes it's up. Less often, I update it.

[1] that has become aware of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy through cultural osmosis, but has never actually read said book...

[2] although I hesitate to call it a true hackerspace, since we operate under the auspices of UTS.

[3] despite having graduated -- we owe our longevity to a) having a regular room and b) our vast alumni network.

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