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Weekly ProgSoc Meetings

Every Thursday night, 6pm until late, Building 10 Level 3 Room 380 Building 11 TBA


Email progsoc@progsoc or post on our Facebook page and ask who's coming  :-)

If you want others to come, email progsoc@progsoc or post on Facebook twice, earlier in the week, and just ask.

Food and Drink

We usually forage for food in a direction headed toward Broadway, or other nearby locations.

The ProgSoc Fridge generally has a load of soft drink in it.

Place a suggested donation of $1 for a can of drink in the attached money box.

Feel free to BYO alcohol.


HTTP to mephisto.progsoc.org to see who is there and we will wave at you (or present a "knock the hat off the webcam" challenge).

If you're particularly gifted, you can work out how to install a networked microphone/speaker next to the webcam for us.

TODO: Set up webcam in new room in Building 11.

Action Items

Generally not much.

Productivity can be inversely related to the number of people who arrive. But that's a good thing.

Thursday Talks may be given if there is any scheduled for the day.

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