Rob Howard


PPS Internet

I've worked as a sysadmin for PPS for the last year, but have recently become involved with developing a mailing list management tool (NextMail Groups) that integrates with Mailman and Google Apps.

SMASH! - Sydney Manga and Anime Show

For the past two years I've been involved with running an anime convention known as SMASH!, setting up the website (cutting up the design provided by hi&hello and putting together the Wordpress templates), developing the online pre-registration for tickets and competitions, co-leading the 2008 volunteer training session, and acting as a section leader on the day of the event.

Current Projects

I'm currently working/experimenting with:

  • Zend Framework

    Both NextMail Groups and the SMASH! pre-registration tools are being built with the Zend Framework;

  • Drupal

    Feed API

  • Wordpress

    The SMASH! site is due for a new site design, and the Wordpress WYSIWYG editor has been plagued with problems throughout the year.

  • ProjectPier and Flyspray

    SMASH! is looking to improve its internal project planning and task tracking systems; both of the above are getting a heavy vetting before we settle on one.

This Site

This site is intended as pretty much a dumping ground for any tech-related mumblings I feel like writing, as well for keeping track of whatever projects I'm current working on or planning to start.

At the moment it's definitely a work in progress; I've mucked around with Drupal and Wordpress a bit, but I want to have a go at creating a simple site and blog with the Zend Framework (something I've been working with a fair bit recently, at work and at SMASH); I've used it for more esoteric things (such as the current Mailman / Google Apps project I'm working on at PHP, or saving an aging PHP4-based system), and I want to have a go at something more generic.

Oh, and it's a bit of an advertisement for what I do. But you probably figured that out already.

Recommended Reading